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Worship With Quality

To worship with quality is to perfect your acts of worship, rather than just performing them. This is why Allah ﷻ diversified the acts of worship because He ﷻ knows how quickly you become weary.

Allah , out of His mercy, knows that we could naturally feel weary in worship. Therefore He diversifies the acts of worship so that we can worship Him in a variety of ways with quality.

When Allah talks about prayer in the Quran, he asks us to establish it (2:43). To establish the prayer is to have concentration and humbleness during the prayer, rather than just performing it rotely.

The Prophet said, “I can tell you about the first branch of knowledge that will be abandoned by people, it is humbleness in prayer.”

Humbleness in Prayer is Divided Into 3 Categories

1. Humiliation: we pray to God and feel humiliated before Him, reflected in our kneeling and prostration in prayer.
2. Awe of Allah : feeling awe of His might which sometimes leads to crying
3. Happiness: feelings of pleasure and elation when reading the Quran or mentioning Allah .

This is the highest level where the Angels descend from Heaven to listen, and a state of tranquillity prevails in the area.
We can achieve this highest level by reflecting on the meaning of the Quran and developing humbleness by remembering Allah’s greatness.

This Ramadhan, let us try to improve the quality of our worship to gain closeness to Him

So step 18 to Allah ﷻ is to develop humbleness in our acts of worship, in order to worship Allah with quality, and thereby show beautiful manners before your Lord !

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Article inspired by Shaykh Zaqir’s classes

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