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Why is Time So Important?

"Your time is your life, and your life is your capital: by it you make your trade, and by it you will reach the eternal bounties in the proximity of Allah. Every single breath of yours is a priceless jewel, because it is irreplaceable; once it is gone, there is no return for it." — Imam al-Ghazali

The importance of time is that every moment is irreplaceable. Sometimes we postpone the good we intend to do and say, ‘I will do that tomorrow, next week, next month, or next Ramadan…’, or,’ I will do that when I get married; when I get a promotion; when the children grow older etc…’

However, doing good is not a matter of having time. It is a matter of priorities.

The Danger of Procrastination

The Prophet ﷺ said, “Most of the pain of the people of hellfire will be because of procrastination”.

There is enough time to do everything we wish to do if we prioritise. The next time you say, “I don’t have enough time”, ask yourself: “if someone paid me a million pounds to do this, would I have the time?”

If the answer is yes, then you know that ‘not having enough time’ is just an excuse.

So this next Step to Allah ﷻ is to make the best use of every minute of our lives to do good in order to journey faster to Allah ﷻ

The reality is that we don’t know when our last breath will be. So take every moment and consider that it may be your last action — i.e. so what is the best thing I could do in this current moment to absolutely maximise the value of it both in this world and the next?

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Article inspired by Shaykh Zaqir’s classes

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