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Why is it important to remember Allah ﷻ?

Do not stop remembering Allah just because your heart is not present. Forgetting Allah ﷻ is worse than being inattentive. To remember of Allah ﷻ is of utmost importance.

Should You Stop Mentioning Allah ﷻ When You Don’t Feel Anything in Your Heart?

You may not feel anything in your heart. For example, when you’re reading the Quran but cannot reflect on the verses. Or when you’re performing dhikr but your mind is busy with something else.

Just because you don’t feel something, this does not mean you should discontinue remembrance. A person should continue with remembrance despite his or her inattentiveness.

Especially as the remembrance of Allah has been made easy. Wherein it can be as simple as the reciting of the Basmala before any action, or ‘SubhanAllah’, ‘Alhamdullilah’, ‘La Ilaaha IlAllah’ and ‘Allahu Akbar’, all of which carry immense reward!

Through continuous remembrance of Allah ﷻ on the tongue, you will begin to remember Allah ﷻ with your heart and become fully present with Him ﷻ.

Abdullah ibn Zubayr رضی الله عنه did not even sense the collapse of one of his house walls whilst in prayer due to his state. The mentioning of Allah brings about a state of rest for the heart, and this draws you closer to Allah . When you are in a state of remembrance it is as if you are realigning your internal compass, maintaining your connection with your Lord, and focusing your heart on what you truly should be focused on.

“Remember Him as the One who guided you (2:198)”

So take the step of continuous remembrance, and draw close to Allah . “Surely in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest” (13:28).

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Article inspired by Shaykh Zaqir’s classes

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