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Understanding God’s Giving and Depriving

You might think Allah is depriving you of something when in reality He ﷻ is giving you. So it is up to us to acquire the understanding of God’s giving and depriving:

If Allah ﷻ deprives you, and you lose some of your wealth, health, opportunity or family etc. but at the same time He ﷻ grants you understanding; feelings of contentment; a good deed; a strong will, and closeness to Him ﷻ, then this is not deprivation.

It is a gift.

It is also possible that Allah will multiply your blessings later if you work hard and are grateful.

On the other hand, you might think Allah ﷻ is giving you something when in fact He ﷻ is depriving you. For e.g., a person may earn a large amount of money but not thank Allah ﷻ in words or action. This might lead to him wasting his money in evil ways and committing sin. Understanding Allah’s giving and depriving allows us to feel content with our lives and use our blessings for good works.

So step 16 to Allah ﷻ is to correct our understanding of Allah ﷻ’s giving and depriving so that we see things as they truly are and remain grateful!

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Article inspired by Shaykh Zaqir’s classes

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