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Striving for the Hereafter

If Allah ﷻ is the first thing that comes to your mind when you open your eyes in the morning, then He ﷻ will satisfy your worldly needs, grant you contentment, as well as give you the hereafter. So striving for the hereafter, with high aspirations, should be our main priority.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “Whoever wakes up and this world is his main concern, Allah ﷻ will make him scattered and shattered, and he will feel a sense of panic and loss and he will get nothing of this world except that which was already decreed for him. But whoever gets up and is mostly concerned about the Hereafter, Allah ﷻ will cause him to feel focused and content, and will give him a feeling of being independent, and worldly gains will definitely come to him”.

This does not mean we neglect our worldly affairs, rather our main goal should be the Hereafter.

When we strive for the hereafter we put at the forefront of our minds our ultimate aim and focus, this leads us to be vigilant in our affairs and ensure that every action is conducive to the good of our akhirah, and pleasure of Allah ﷻ. It is this concern and consciousness that can work as the inspiration for acts of obedience, and avoidance of disobedience.

So this step to Allah ﷻ is to hold the pleasures of this world in our hands, and not let them into our hearts.

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Article inspired by Shaykh Zaqir’s classes

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