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Understand the relevance of theology in your daily life!

We live in an age of information overload. Not knowing the core meaning of what we believe about Allah Most High, vs popular theories cited by atheists such as evolution can cause us to feel confused and lost in our ability to call others to the truth. Solidify your knowledge and understanding of these crucial topics and Aqeeda, in order to gain inner peace of heart and confidence in speaking to others about your beliefs! 

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Revealed Theology Aqeeda Course

With the guidance of Shaykh Mohammed Zaqir, you will gain a deeper appreciation of Islamic theology (Aqeeda) and its relevance to your daily life! Study live from anywhere in the world. Enrol now and take the first step towards a more meaningful relationship with Allah.

Course Instructor:
Shaykh Zaqir

6 Lessons

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What will I learn?

Part 1

Islam, Iman & Disbelief

Gain the foundational understanding of Aqueeda. We will explore the true meanings of Islam, Iman & Disbelief. Learn to understand Allah and His Qualities.

Part 2


Learn about Prophet-hood, why Prophets were sent. Gain an understanding of The Revelation, The Last Day and Adam’s Purpose. Find out what the significance of Pilgrimage is.

Part 3

Predestination & Decree

An antidote to anxiety and overthinking. Learn the different between what has been ordained by Allah and what we can affect. Learn how this factors into Paradise, Hell and The Spirit. Understand if disbelievers can go to Paradise.

Part 4

A Scientific Perspective

Understand the controversies of Religion and Evolution and the answer to important questions surrounding it. Learn how to engage in a dialogue with Atheists.

What do Revealed Theology Graduates say?

Shaykh Mohammed Zaqir has been teaching theology internationally for over a decade. Many students have taken benefit from studying this course, from becoming steadfast in their journey to Allah, to working in Dawah and community mental health services. Heres what our previous students say and why you should join the Alumni of Darul Arqam Theology Graduates!

"I have not only enhanced my knowledge but also my Islamic practice".
Sidra (2020)
"Shaykh Zaqir answered in 1 session what no-one had been able to explain to me about evolution in over a decade! It's crucial knowledge in today's climate".
Cherry (2019)
"It has been of huge benefit to learn beneficial knowledge and bring together the many books read into practical implementation, aswell as into relevant modern day context, whilst still learning from a traditional methodology.".
Shahid (2022)

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