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Remind People About Their Lord

If you want to offer advice to someone, mend your heart first. A speech which comes from a pure heart will influence people. From the pure heart is how we should remind people about their Lord ﷻ

Every believer has a responsibility to call people to their Creator and to remind them of their Lord. When informing people about their Lord, there is a certain type of speech that has an influence on people. This speech is not fluent speech that comes from an intelligent mind or an eloquent tongue, but rather a speech that comes from a pure heart. When you have a sincere intention in your heart, your influence on people will be stronger.

Many Prophets and Companions gave eloquent speeches that not only influenced the audience but changed the course of history. Uthman bin Affan رضی الله عنه said “O people you need a ruler who is a good doer, not a ruler who is a good speaker.”

With a pure heart, people will understand your words and comprehend your gestures.

So step 25 to Allah ﷻ is to first remind people of Allah ﷻ with a pure heart, that way it will also reach their hearts!

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Article inspired by Shaykh Zaqir’s classes

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