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Reliance on Allah ﷻ

"Save yourself from worrying. Someone else already took care of your affairs for you."

Allah is in charge, meaning we must follow the means and leave the outcome to Him. This is what it means to have reliance on Allah ﷻ. The Prophet ﷺ gave us a perfect example, he said:

“If you had all relied on Allah as you should rely on Him, then He would have provided for you as He provides for the birds, who wake up hungry in the morning and return with full stomachs at dusk.”

We are like these birds. And the birds never stand on one tree branch waiting for grain to come! They move continuously from one branch to another until they find a grain. The bird’s work is to do its best to find the grain, but providing the bird with the grain is Allah’s work.

Therefore a believer should follow the means and leave the outcome to Allah ﷻ

“When you have decided upon a course of action, place your trust in God, for God loves those who place their trust in Him.” (3.159)

So, to rely on God ﷻ is to take the means and leave the outcome in God’s ﷻ care. This is one of the ways to earn His ﷻ pleasure!

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Article inspired by Shaykh Zaqir’s classes

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