Kick-start your learning of Islamic Studies!

Begin your journey to Islamic Knowledge to Experience Total Transformation!

Islamic Studies is an ocean. In an age of information overload, it’s difficult to know what knowledge is appropriate to you. Shaykh Mohammed Zaqir has carefully created this short course on Islamic Studies including Aqeeda, Fiqh and Taskiyyah to help you focus on what’s relevant and transform yourself towards Allah Most High!

What is the meaning of Tariqah?

Islamic Studies for Total Transformation

Begin your journey in Islamic Studies to obtain Total Spiritual Transformation in only 4 sessions with Shaykh Mohammed Zaqir! Take this masterclass at your own pace, in your own time.

Course Instructor:
Shaykh Mohammed Zaqir

4 Lessons

Do you want to Transform your Life?

Due to the distractions of life we sometimes loose the desire to change, but our faith is about transformation! Changing our thoughts and souls is vital to the progress in our spiritual journey to Allah and also for our life’s journey! What is this life except a road to our spiritual existence?

Embark upon a journey to bring contentment, solace and spirituality in all aspects of our lives in lessons which are available to you on-demand combined with live tutorials and personal mentoring.

What will I learn?

Part 1

Steps to Peace with Allah

Why is there a need for change? Begin to explore 3 key areas in our life, beginning with knowing Allah, humans and everything around us. This session focuses on relationship with Allah and the 5 steps for inner peace and how to reach Allah

Part 2

The Roadmap to Allah

How to map out every part of our day from waking up to going to sleep so that we are in obedience and worship of Allah, including daily duas, adhkaar and actions we need to bring into our lives to develop solace.

Part 3

Understanding the Enemy

The 7 doors to desires which excites one to sin and how to refrain from them. We will explore the disobedience of the eyes, ears, tongue, hands, feet private parts and stomach in detail and how they can take you away from Allah. Includes a checklist to mark your progress.

Part 4

Friend or foe?

Explore different types of people in modern day society and how to interact with each. Who do you keep close and how and why to keep others at a distance. Finally how to maintain these changes in our lives.

+ Your Personal Mentoring Session!

Once completing the course you will be invited to take part in a live session with Shaykh Zaqir! This give you the opportunity to discuss any spiritual or life challenges you are facing and seek specific advice on how to continue to develop your spirituality through these challenges!

"By the end of the course, you'll have a clear roadmap to start changing yourself and journeying towards Allah".
Fadil Flavio

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