Sacred Garment Lesson 1

As salaam alaikum!
Welcome to the first lesson of Sacred Garments! Your journey towards creating a healthy and successful dynamic in your marriage begins today. Make a fresh intention with Allah to strengthen your marriage for His sake and begin from here! You are welcome to study alongside your spouse or in private. Either way, we recommend finding a quiet space to sit and study and take notes to help you to digest what you are learning and to refer back to the lesson content in order to solidify your understanding of it. For the sake of Allah Most High, let’s begin!

Please click “Mark Complete” once you have completed the session. Your next lesson will become available in 1 week’s time. During this next week, please reflect and contemplate what you have learnt and begin putting the techniques into practise. If you have any questions, you can use the CONTACT US page to seek guidance on the matter from your course instructor.