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How do we Respond to Trials?

Do not be surprised when difficulties happen in this worldly abode. This is the nature of life.

How do we Respond to Trials? When Allah ﷻ loves someone, he will draw him closer to Him by testing him with trials. The worldly life is worth very little, therefore if Allah ﷻ deprives a person, guides him to repentance and bestows on him His mercy and paradise instead, then that is a great gift!

Trials vary, but how we respond to trials should always be the same: patience and piety.

Levels of Patience

The first level is refraining from committing evil acts, from disobedience.

The second level is refraining from complaining with your tongue.

But the last level, the highest level, is to refrain from complaining even with your heart. This is called “beautiful patience” (Sabrun Jamilun), as was Yaqub عليه السلام, who only complained to his Lord ﷻ and refused to complain to anyone else.

In any case, adversity does not last forever:

“And behold, with every hardship comes ease” (94:6)

Large wave crashing into shore and settling before it reaches it.

So this next Step to Allah ﷻ is to develop your patience realising that Allah ﷻ wants only good for His believers.

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Article inspired by Shaykh Zaqir’s classes

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