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How Can I Feel Connected to Allah ﷻ ?

"...and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein" (50:16)

What can I do to feel spiritually connected to Allah during Ramadan? The reality is that there is no real distance between you and Allah ﷻ; the connection between you and God is not cut, rather it is only weakened. This Ramadan is a perfect way to strengthen your connection to God ﷻ.

You might ask yourself, ‘Where do I start? How do I begin this blessed month of Ramadan in the best way?’. You start this journey by taking the first step to Him ﷻ — how? Turn your heart to Him. The distance between you and Him is not great, instead, Allah ﷻ is truly close to us, much closer than we ever think:

“And if My servant asks you about Me, behold I am near” (2:186)

We are the ones who are far away, we are the ones who are disconnected! This is why we must journey to Him.

Regardless of our neglect, mistakes, or sins, our connection to Allah ﷻ is never broken but only weakens. Therefore, Make the most of this blessed month to strengthen it and feel that closeness and spiritual connection to God during this month which is the best of all months!

So how can we feel connected to Allah during Ramadan? The first step on this journey to God is to turn your heart to Him…

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Article inspired by Shaykh Zaqir’s classes

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