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Live Holistic Islamic Studies Diploma

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Live Holistic Islamic Education, Self-Development and Inner Healing! See below for a syllabus of the 6 part Diploma Programme.

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Sunday’s 11am-1pm GMT

Course Director

With over a decades experience in teaching Islamic Studies, Shaykh Mohammed Zaqir understands the needs of Muslims facing the challenges of contemporary life. Having studied from some of the most prestigious institutes and Illustrious Scholars in Syria and Yemen, Shaykh Zaqir has developed the Holistic Islamic Studies diploma combining academic Islamic knowledge with self-help aspects derived from traditional Taskiyyah, to help you excel in your journey to Allah. CLICK HERE to read more about our course director.

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What will I learn?

Begin the journey into yourself with our specially tailored 6 part programme taught exclusively by qualified scholars.

Resuscitate Your Soul

Have you felt spiritually blocked or lost? Ghazalian methodology will set the foundations of your faith as you learn about the spiritual realities behind everyday actions and increase in consciousness of Allah as you learn to implement a Holistic understanding of Islam into your daily life.

Gift for The Seeker

Do you feel confused in matters regarding your faith? Learn to navigate spirituality through the modern age of confusion and information overload, whilst being inspired with a zeal for spiritual excellence!

Islamic Ettiquettes

"Whoever is more perfect in their etiquette is more perfect in their faith" - Learn this essential aspect of your faith! Thereafter begin to implement Prophetic Ettiquettes in everyday life with mentoring and support from your course tutor.

Qur'an, Hadith & Seerah

Unlock hidden gems of The Qur'an whilst deepening your connection to The Message of Allah through learning to interpret core thematic meanings. Understand how Hadith and Seerah interact with your everyday life and boost your relationship with The Qur'an.

Strengthening Your Belief

Is Islam compatible with modern science? Learn core beliefs regarding Allah and The Messenger ﷺ whilst learning to interpret and discuss modern science and Islam. Navigate core arguments of atheism and memorise key attributes of Allah, solidifying the foundation of faith.

Inner Healing

Have you considered the diversity in spiritual pathways to Allah? Learn about spiritual diseases of the heart and how to eradicate them. Navigate friendships and relationships to benefit your faith. Implement the 40 day timetable and in relation to your journey and combining the Holistic Islamic Education you have acquired.


"This is a journey every Muslim should take with sincerity and humility and I would highly recommend the course - Life changing!"
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"The Total Transformation Course is the best short course I have studied so far. In 4 lessons, Shaykh Zaqir provides a great wealth of beneficial knowledge in a very clear and structured manner. By the end of the course, you'll have a clear roadmap to start changing yourself and journeying towards Allah".
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Fadil Flavio
"This course provides a good solid foundation in the Deen, something highly sought after in today’s turbulent times. A highly recommended course."
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Safura Houghton
Course Graduate

"Darul Arqam Online helps you to understand deep spiritual meanings in your everyday life!"

Become part of a growing online community where you will meet likeminded people and form friendships for the sake of Allah to boost your spiritual journey!

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Realign To The Divine

Diploma students and their families get exclusive access to the annual international Realign to The Divine Retreat. Relish in the company of international Scholars and Boost your soul!

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