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How do I Show Gratitude and Thankfulness?

You risk losing your blessings when you do not thank Allah ﷻ for them, and you tie them to you firmly when you do. So show gratitude and thankfulness for all that Allah ﷻ gives you.

The quickest way to increase your blessings is to thank Allah ﷻ for them, “If you are grateful to Me I shall certainly give you more and more.”

Does this mean just saying “Alhamdulillah”?

But to show gratitude and thankfulness is not limited to just saying Alhamdulillah, it also has to be offered through action. Thankfulness in action requires that you ask yourself regarding your wealth, health, time and all other blessings “What am I going to do with this blessing? Am I going to use it in a good way? Or am I going to waste it?”

So not only should you feel an internal appreciation for what Allah ﷻ has blessed you with, but you should also consider how you’re going to use that blessing. For example, a person who is grateful for his wealth will apportion some as sadaqah; a person who is grateful for his health with use his energy to increase himself in good deeds, and a person who is grateful for his time will organise his time such that not a single moment goes to waste.

What we do with our blessings is how we show our gratitude to Allah ﷻ for those blessings.

So step 15 to Allah ﷻ is to enumerate the blessings we have bestowed with and use them in a way which pleases Allah

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Article inspired by Shaykh Zaqir’s classes

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