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Find Your Flaws

The moment you find your flaws within you and rectify them is better than finding Laylatul Qadr.

If we think we are free from flaws then surely there is a problem as flaws are part of the nature of human beings. Only Allah has the attributes of perfection. Allah is Almighty, while we are weak. Allah is always merciful, while humans can be cruel. Allah is forbearing, while we have limited patience. And as much perfection, as Allah has, this is the imperfection we have.

Therefore if someone criticises you, could this criticism help reveal a flaw?

We should take into consideration every criticism that comes from people, even those whom we are not on good terms with, as this could help reveal our imperfections. Sometimes a good friend may reveal a flaw by offering sincere advice. The moment you realise your flaws and intend to rectify them is better than finding Laylatul Qadr!

So step 20 to Allah ﷻ is to search deeply within, find your flaws, and see if there is truth in the criticisms from others even if it may come in a form displeasing to you as finding the flaw and taking steps to rectify it is an invaluable means of drawing close to Allah

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Article inspired by Shaykh Zaqir’s classes

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