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Enjoy Allah’s Company and Pray to Him

If Allah takes you away from people then He is opening to you the door of His mercy. And if He allows you to ask, then He wants to give you something.
So don’t see times of isolation as bad, but rather experience and enjoy Allah’s company, and pray to Him .

Sometimes Allah may test us with the death of a spouse, a brother, or a dear person. Or we might travel to a remote country for work, or find ourselves alone in a hospital. In all these cases we may feel lonely and isolated. When you feel lonely, Allah is opening the doors of His uninterrupted remembrance and company. As the Prophet  ﷺ said, “If God wishes to benefit someone He will take him away from people.”

You might think that isolation is a trial when in fact it is a gift.

Sometimes our trial becomes so difficult that there is no solution except to pray to Him . Perhaps before the trial, you did not pray sincerely or enough and thought you were not in need of prayer. But when the only solution is God’s help, then prayers become much deeper and more sincere. Allah gives abundant rewards just for asking Him. Not only that but:

He answers your prayers because He wants to give you something in this world, the next, or both.

So step 17 to Allah ﷻ is to find peace in isolation, for when you are abandoned by all of creation, you are faced with the Creator ﷻ and there is no better company than His ﷻ

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Article inspired by Shaykh Zaqir’s classes

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