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Are you seeking a peaceful life in which you are seeking the presence of Allah? Learn to navigate the challenges of modern life grounded in the confidence of authentic knowledge of Islam!


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Manage your journey to Allah holistically and never be without the guidance you need and tools to navigate faith in the modern world.

Do you feel overwhelmed, burnt out, confused or lacking in guidance? Can you remember a time when you couldn’t explain why you practise your faith?

It is crucial to have access to qualified Scholars who can guide you and empower you in faith, to empower you from feeling this way! We provide our students with direct access to qualified teachers, assisting you to hold onto the rope of Sacred Knowledge, belief and self growth, without compromising your existing commitments. 

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What will I learn?

The Islamic Studies Diploma is designed to equip you with traditional Islamic knowledge and mentoring from your course tutor to empower you in Islam throughout your life. This empowers students to not compromise on their faith but rather use their faith to empower their lifestyle in Islam Holistically. The syllabus consists of 6 core modules outlines below:

What Our Student's Say...

"It was enlightening and encourages one to go on and learn more about the Deen.".
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"I have been able to build on my foundational knowledge and learn more of the core subjects to help me as a person... It was very different from courses I've studied before."
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"I think that everybody should do this course because there is so much to learn and this is a start!"
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Holistic Islamic Studies Diploma

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