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Call Allah ﷻ in Distress

The best way to ask Allah is to show your poverty and brokenness to Him . So to call Allah ﷻ in distress, in that state of pure sincerity, is important.

In the Quran, Allah makes it clear to the disbelievers that when they were in distress and sincerely asked God for help, He answered them. Allah asks the disbelievers, ” Who is it that responds to the distressed when he calls out to Him” (27:62). If this is the case for a disbeliever in distress then what is the case for a believer in distress who asks His Lord for help?

When you ask Allah ﷻ for your needs, it is not just about the words that you say, but also about the sincerity and purity of your heart. The state of your heart is important when making a supplication to Allah, therefore the supplication in distress is answered more quickly.

As we see from the Prophet’s supplication, it was accompanied by deep emotion where he would continue to cry from night until morning. If you are in distress and ask Allah sincerely, while feeling the need for His help after the means have failed you, then rest assured that Allah will answer your supplication.

So step 19 to Allah ﷻ is to call upon Allah ﷻ in a state of brokenness, as this is one of the quickest ways to draw close to Allah .

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Article inspired by Shaykh Zaqir’s classes

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