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Building a Legacy of Unity: The Hidayah Hub Project

The Darul Arqam community is on the brink of realizing a profound vision that will illuminate the path of knowledge, spirituality, and unity: The Hidayah Hub. The Hidayah Hub project, set to launch in just a few short weeks, is a testament to the collective dreams and aspirations of this vibrant community.

A Vision Beyond Boundaries

The Hidayah Hub is more than just a new premises; it’s a beacon of transformation designed to serve as the spiritual and educational nucleus of the Darul Arqam community. This vision encompasses various facets of faith and life, weaving together knowledge, spirituality, and community engagement in a unique tapestry. By fostering a stronger, more connected community, the Hidayah Hub promises to leave an indelible mark on generations to come.

But how can this vision become a reality? This is where your unwavering support and passion come into play. Your contribution is not merely a donation; it’s an investment in the spiritual growth and education of the community’s children. It’s an opportunity to build a legacy that will echo through generations, creating a more enlightened and united community.

Image of Hidayah Hub
Expanding to Meet Growing Demand

Darul Arqam is a thriving community, and the demand for education and youth activities is steadily increasing. With our current premises at full capacity and a long waiting list for madrassa enrollment, there is an urgent need to secure a second location. The Hidayah Hub, conveniently located on Thurmaston Lane in Leicester, will offer a wide range of facilities to cater to the community’s needs:

  1. Stay and play sessions.
  2. Madrassah Educational Classes – 150 new spaces!
  3. Multi-use activity hall.
  4. Sports activities.
  5. Women’s self-defense classes.
  6. Martial arts.
  7. Youth club.
  8. Women’s dedicated space.
  9. Available for events hire.
  10. Weekend play scheme and summer camp.

A Holistic Approach to Faith

As Muslims, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of our faith through the Quran and Hadith. The role of the Ulema is not limited to the academic aspects but extends to implementing a contextual understanding of faith. The Hidayah Hub is designed to facilitate this holistic transformation by offering a space for the whole family to explore various facets of faith, including the emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Past Successes and Future Potential

Darul Arqam has already witnessed a plethora of successful events, including theatre performances, nasheed sessions, careers fairs, alimiyyah courses, calligraphy workshops, and business training. These endeavours have not only enriched the community but have also led to the formation of actual businesses. The Hidayah Hub will allows us to expand upon this!

The Hidayah Hub project is a testament to the Darul Arqam community’s dedication to knowledge, spirituality, and unity. By contributing to this initiative, you are not merely supporting a building but investing in the future of our community and the generations to come. Let us come together, just as our community’s children have, to bring this vision to life. Click here to donate and be a part of this monumental journey:

The Hidayah Hub will stand as a beacon of transformation, guiding us all toward a brighter, more spiritually enriched future.

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