Light on mountains over lake

Changing Our Lives

Before we can change a society, a community, or even our own households, we must first change ourselves. If we have traits that harm those

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Rippling lake with tall mountains in the distance and a pinkish hued cloudy sky

Looking Inward

“That moment you feel broken because of a fault discovered in yourself, at that moment where you feel that brokenness, you will find His presence with you, because your brokenness takes you back to your origin and essential reality. When I am broken, I am closer to my own essential reality, which is my slavehood. Whenever I am closer to my essential reality, I am closer to the Absolute Truth, glory be to Him. At that point, you will receive Divine support and help from His Lordship, and you will be given a mantle which will remedy those maladies in you” — Habib Ali al-Jifri

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water rippling

Brighten Your Wudhu

Wudhu is a key element of our worship. You can’t pray without it. But what are some of the realities, significances, and benefits of wudhu?

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