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Be Satisfied

Do not look at what you do not have. Be satisfied as what you want might actually be the cause of your disobedience. Allah’s ﷻ perfect blessing on you is to give you just enough.

Allah ﷻ may give a believer just enough, not more or less. When this happens, it is a perfect blessing from Allah. If Allah gives abundantly to a person, then there is a risk of that person transgressing the boundaries. As human beings, we often focus on what we lack or what we desire. Rather we should be grateful for what we have. This mindset can lead to disobedience to Allah’s ﷻ commands, as we may become envious, greedy, or ungrateful.

Allah ﷻ knows from His infinite knowledge that if He gives a certain person wealth, that person will not do wrong. Or if he gives him power, he will do injustice to people, so Allah ﷻ does not grant him power. This applies to different kinds of giving and depriving.

Trusting in Allah’s Wisdom: Understanding His Plan for You

Whatever you have been given is from Allah’s ﷻ bounties and He protects you, even from yourself. So do not look only at what you are deprived of. Nor wish to get something that might cause you to do wrong. It is out of God’s blessing that he gives you just enough. If you have enough food, drink, and providence, this is a perfect blessing from God. You should thank God for this.

Therefore, it is important for us to trust in Allah’s ﷻ plan for our lives. We shouldn’t become distracted by what we do not have. Instead, we should focus on being grateful for what we have. And we should work towards pleasing Allah ﷻ in all aspects of our lives. By doing so, we will experience the true peace and contentment that comes with being in a state of obedience to Allah ﷻ.

So step 26 to Allah ﷻ is to realise that God has perfect wisdom in giving and depriving and Choose to be satisfied with what Allah ﷻ has given you and trust in His plan for your life.

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Article inspired by Shaykh Zaqir’s classes

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